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We’re excited about the chance to potentially work alongside you.
But before we jump in, let’s ensure our worlds align perfectly.

Here's how to begin your Atlas Journey:

Complete Your Operational Profile

It only takes a few minutes, and it will give us a glimpse into your world, your aspirations, and your needs.

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And remember, if questions arise as you're navigating this process, there are
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What to Expect on the Call:

Understanding YOU and Your Business:

We want to learn about the essence of your world - the quirks, challenges, and aspirations.

We will address any fears or questions
about how our process will work for you.

Tackling Concerns:

We recognize the vulnerability of this hire. Entrepreneurs excel at supporting others and their external world but might hesitate when seeking support for themselves.

Immediate Relief Focus:

Let's clarify which tasks we can take off
your plate immediately.

We want you to zero in on revenue-driving activities and fully enjoy life’s moments.

Strategic Alignment:

We will explore the best ways to seamlessly integrate an Executive Assistant into your world.

Complete Your Operational Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Atlas Assistants does not believe in locking our clients into long-term contracts. We ask for a 30 day notice since there are humans involved!

Our executive assistants are strategically located to serve clients across US time zones. We work diligently to match you with an assistant who aligns with your preferred working hours and availability.

Our assistants hail from diverse regions, but all are proficient in English and have experience serving US-based clientele. We aim to match you with an assistant that aligns with your communication style and cultural context.

We always recommend a primary and secondary communication channel. Our Founder Zion, uses Slack and WhatsApp and he will use which ever one is up. From there, his assistant knows exactly how to process every item so it makes it to the right place.

Atlas Assistants has a rigorous 7 step selection process. Candidates undergo thorough interviews, skill assessments, and background checks to ensure we onboard only top-notch executive assistants.

We offer continuous support for both clients and EAs. This includes regular check-ins, bi-weekly workshops, feedback sessions, and providing resources to enhance the working relationship.

While SOPs can be beneficial, they aren’t mandatory. Our assistants are adept at understanding your workflow and can help create SOPs if you desire.

Our EAs come with significant experience and require minimal training. However, for specific tasks unique to your business, you will be asked to record videos to download your best practices to your new Atlas Assistant.

Absolutely! If, for any reason, you feel the match is not perfect, we’ll facilitate a smooth transition to another executive assistant better suited to your needs.

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Our Happy Clients

Brad Hart,

Founder, Make More Marbles

Andrew Fogliato,

Founder & CEO, RealEstateMagazine.ca

Taylor Frame,

Co-Founder & CRO Focus Funnels